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Central Training & Placements (Career Guidance Cell)

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1. Providing career guidance to all students for higher education, Corporate jobs, Govt. jobs and entrepreneurship etc.
2. Building and imparting employability training to all students.
3. Assigning roles and responsibilities to each member as mentioned below: –

  •  Identifying training needs of their department’s students and sharing with CCGC for
    scheduling the training.
  • Identifying the industry and company where each student can be placed. Also should be able to share the lead to be contacted and sharing with CCGC for its further follow ups.
  • Students should approach CCGC through concerned member only for any clarity or
  • CCGC will be only be sharing opportunities in different sources. There is no guarantee of employment. The main role of member with CCGC will be to build and enhance students Employability skills.


To enhance the employability skills of students to make them compete with
continuous changing market dynamics & to be always retained as an asset by the organization.


To impart employability training to students, partnering with renowned recruiters &
guiding students for choosing right career path.

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